Would it be horrible if I created a section solely for our travels? I mean, it’s only fitting, we have a travel vlog on YouTube. Im just not sure if it’s great to completely mesh all the trans stuff with our trips. But also, I’m human? That’s apart of who I am? Why are these constant conflicts happening? Is it just me?

SSG has been me talking about my experiences, so I should stay true to all aspects, right?

Choices, choices,..Decisions, decisions,..

Author: SoftServedGentleman

πŸ’ͺSelf Made: SS.Gentleman/ 11/16/17πŸ’‰ Married to a Princess πŸ‘‘ πŸ›« Avid Traveler/ Mildly stuck in the 90's/Animal lover 🐝 πŸ’™βš§πŸŒˆ Follow my journey: www.instagram.com/SoftServedGentleman www.Facebook.com/SoftServedGentleman www.youtube.com/c/ssgentlman Positive vibes only! #travel #traveler #ftm #youtuber #softservedgentleman #vlog #blog #selfmademan #mystory #relationshipgoals

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